IKO bearings distributor

As IKO bearing distributor, Nodes company supply IKO needle rooler bearings, cam followers, linear guides and other IKO roller bearings. We have a wide variety of IKO bearings in stock, on time deliveries, no minimums quantities. Our full line of bearing meets your highest quality and performance standards.

IKO bearing was founded in 1950. IKO company has accumulated numerous proprietary technologies and a wealth of experience that it uses to develop innovative products. IKO company has become an established leader in three motion specialties: needle roller bearings, linear motion products and mechatronic products. Marketed under the IKO brand name, these products have established a world-wide reputation for high quality and innovative features.

IKO Linear bearing. IKO’s linear motion rolling guides reduce linear motion friction in the positioning mechanisms of machines.

IKO Needle bearing. With low cross-sectional height and high load capacity, IKO needle roller bearings exhibit rotational motion and incorporate a thin, needle-shaped roller into a rolling element.

IKO bearings

IKO products

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IKO bearing numbers

IKO CRW6-150 C14 cross roller w
IKO CRW6-150 C14 bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:150mm
IKO CRW6-200 C18 cross roller w
IKO CRW6-200 C18 bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:200mm
IKO CRW6-250 C23 cross roller w
IKO CRW6-250 C23 bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:250mm
IKO CRW12-300 C14 cross roller
IKO CRW12-300 C14 bearing
Width:58mm, Way Length:300mm
IKO RNA499 needle bearings
IKO RNA499 bearing
D:12mm * 20mm * 11mm
IKO RNA4902 needle bearings
IKO RNA4902 bearing
D:20mm * 28mm * 13mm
IKO BR162416UU inch needle bear
IKO BR162416UU bearing
D:25.400mm * 38.100mm * 25.400mm
IKO BR243320UU inch needle bear
IKO BR243320UU bearing
D:38.100mm * 52.388mm * 31.750mm
IKO BR263520UU inch needle bear
IKO BR263520UU bearing
D:41.275mm * 55.562mm * 31.750mm
IKO BR283720UU inch needle bear
IKO BR283720UU bearing
D:44.450mm * 58.738mm * 31.750mm
IKO CRW6-100 C9 cross roller wa
IKO CRW6-100 C9 bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:100mm
IKO CRW6-300 C27 cross roller w
IKO CRW6-300 C27 bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:300mm
IKO CRW6-300SL cross roller way
IKO CRW6-300SL bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:300mm
IKO CRW6-350 C31 cross roller w
IKO CRW6-350 C31 bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:350mm
IKO CRW6-350SL cross roller way
IKO CRW6-350SL bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:350mm
IKO CRW6-400 C36 cross roller w
IKO CRW6-400 C36 bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:400mm
IKO CRW6-400SL cross roller way
IKO CRW6-400SL bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:400mm
IKO CRW6-450 C40 cross roller w
IKO CRW6-450 C40 bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:450mm
IKO CRW6-450SL cross roller way
IKO CRW6-450SL bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:450mm
IKO CRW6-500 C45 cross roller w
IKO CRW6-500 C45 bearing
Width:31mm, Way Length:500mm

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