KAYDON bearings distributor

As KAYDON bearing distributor, Nodes bearing have a variety of KAYDON bearings in stock, including thin section ball bearings, slewing ring bearings, on time deliveries, no minimums quantities.

Kaydon Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of thin-section bearings in the world. Reali-Slim thin-section bearings by Kaydon bearings were designed to save space, lower the overall weight of your designs, dramatically reduce friction, and provide excellent running accuracy. With Reali-Slim from Kaydon bearings you can downsize your design and cut manufacturing costs, without sacrificing bearing performance or life.

In addition to the complete stock of popular cross-section and bore sizes from Kaydon bearings (up to 40″) you will find our thin-section bearings are also available for a wide variety of special applications.

Kaydon solutions meet the most exacting specifications of the aerospace and defense, commercial aerospace, heavy equipment, industrial machinery, medical systems, mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, and semiconductor manufacturing markets.

KAYDON bearings

KAYDON products

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KAYDON bearing numbers

KAYDON S03503CS0 thin section b
KAYDON S03503CS0 bearing
35mm x 41mm x 2.5mm
KAYDON S11003XS0 thin section b
KAYDON S11003XS0 bearing
110mm x 116mm x 2.5mm
KAYDON JA020XP0 thin section be
KAYDON JA020XP0 bearing
2.000" x 2.500" x 0.25"
KAYDON JA030XP0 thin section be
KAYDON JA030XP0 bearing
3.000" x 3.500" x 0.25"
KAYDON JA035XP0 thin section be
KAYDON JA035XP0 bearing
3.500" x 4.000" x 0.25"
KAYDON JU045CP0 thin section be
KAYDON JU045CP0 bearing
4.500" x 5.250" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU065CP0 thin section be
KAYDON JU065CP0 bearing
6.500" x 7.250" x 0.5"
KAYDON KAA10XL0 thin section be
KAYDON KAA10XL0 bearing
1.000" x 1.375" x 0.1875"
KAYDON KA020AR0 thin section be
KAYDON KA020AR0 bearing
2.000" x 2.500" x 0.25"
KAYDON KA025AR0 thin section be
KAYDON KA025AR0 bearing
2.500" x 3.000" x 0.25"
KAYDON SB090AR0 stainless thin
KAYDON SB090AR0 bearing
9.000" x 9.625" x 0.3125"
KAYDON SB100AR0 stainless thin
KAYDON SB100AR0 bearing
10.000" x 10.625" x 0.3125"
KAYDON SB110AR0 stainless thin
KAYDON SB110AR0 bearing
11.000" x 11.625" x 0.3125"
KAYDON SB120AR0 stainless thin
KAYDON SB120AR0 bearing
12.000" x 12.625" x 0.3125"
KAYDON SB140AR0 stainless thin
KAYDON SB140AR0 bearing
14.000" x 14.625" x 0.3125"
KAYDON SB160AR0 stainless thin
KAYDON SB160AR0 bearing
16.000" x 16.625" x 0.3125"
KAYDON SB180AR0 stainless thin
KAYDON SB180AR0 bearing
18.000" x 18.625" x 0.3125"
KAYDON SB200AR0 stainless thin
KAYDON SB200AR0 bearing
20.000" x 20.625" x 0.3125"
KAYDON SB020CP0 stainless thin
KAYDON SB020CP0 bearing
2.000" x 2.625" x 0.3125"
KAYDON SB025CP0 stainless thin
KAYDON SB025CP0 bearing
2.500" x 3.125" x 0.3125"

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