FAG bearings

FAG bearings are the biggest selling brands in our company with a wide range of types. We have a have a wide variety of FAG bearings & INA bearings in stock, include ball bearings, roller bearings, Track rollers and special bearings. As a Bearing distributor, We've been in business since 2007. We offer: On time deliveries, no minimums, all major manufacturers represented, and combined sales experience of over 15 years in this field...

FAG bearing: quality, technology, and innovation.

Schaeffler's manufacturing expertise and holistic quality management ensure a level of product quality that is significantly above the sector average. The "zero defects" principle is the standard and represents the stabilization of processes and continuous improvement. Schaeffler has an extremely broad wealth of expertise in manufacturing and state-of-the-art technology for the highest level of cost effectiveness and precision. The company has 74 plants worldwide and FAG bearing produces high-precision products with a high level of vertical integration.

FAG bearings

FAG products

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FAG bearing numbers

FAG 29417-E1-XL bearings
FAG 29417-E1-XL bearing
85mm x 180mm x 58mm
FAG 29414-E1-XL bearings
FAG 29414-E1-XL bearing
70mm x 150mm x 48mm
FAG 29352-E1-XL bearings
FAG 29352-E1-XL bearing
260mm x 420mm x 95mm
FAG 29320-E1-XL bearings
FAG 29320-E1-XL bearing
100mm x 170mm x 42mm
FAG 29318-E1-XL bearings
FAG 29318-E1-XL bearing
90mm x 155mm x 39mm
FAG 29317-E1-XL bearings
FAG 29317-E1-XL bearing
85mm x 150mm x 39mm
FAG 24122-BE-XL Spherical rolle
FAG 24122-BE-XL bearing
110mm x 180mm x 69mm
FAG 23226-E1A-XL-M Spherical ro
FAG 23226-E1A-XL-M bearing
130mm x 230mm x 80mm
FAG 23132-E1A-XL-M Spherical ro
FAG 23132-E1A-XL-M bearing
160mm x 270mm x 86mm
FAG 23038-E1A-XL-M Spherical ro
FAG 23038-E1A-XL-M bearing
190mm x 290mm x 75mm
FAG T7FC055-XL tapered roller b
FAG T7FC055-XL bearing
55mm x 115mm x 34mm
FAG T4CB060 tapered roller bear
FAG T4CB060 bearing
60mm x 100mm x 21mm
FAG T5ED060 tapered roller bear
FAG T5ED060 bearing
60mm x 115mm x 39mm
FAG T2EE060 tapered roller bear
FAG T2EE060 bearing
60mm x 115mm x 40mm
FAG T7FC060-XL tapered roller b
FAG T7FC060-XL bearing
60mm x 125mm x 37mm
FAG T4CB065 tapered roller bear
FAG T4CB065 bearing
65mm x 105mm x 21mm
FAG T5ED065 tapered roller bear
FAG T5ED065 bearing
65mm x 120mm x 39mm
FAG T7FC065-XL tapered roller b
FAG T7FC065-XL bearing
65mm x 130mm x 37mm
FAG T4CB070 tapered roller bear
FAG T4CB070 bearing
70mm x 110mm x 21mm
FAG T5ED070 tapered roller bear
FAG T5ED070 bearing
70mm x 130mm x 42mm

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