FAG bearings

FAG bearings are the biggest selling brands in our company with a wide range of types. We have a wide variety of FAG bearings & INA bearings in stock, include ball bearings, roller bearings, Track rollers and special bearings. As a FAG bearing distributor, We've been in business since 2007. We offer: On time deliveries, no minimums, all major manufacturers represented, and combined sales experience of over 15 years in this field...

FAG bearing: quality, technology, and innovation.

The FAG brand started with an ingenious idea. In 1883, Friedrich Fischer designed a ball-grinding machine that, for the first time, made it possible to produce absolutely round steel balls through grinding. This invention is regarded as the foundation for the entire rolling bearing industry. FAG has an extraordinarily broad wealth of expertise and all modern technologies needed to achieve the highest levels of economy and precision in manufacturing. This ranges from the high-volume production that predominantly takes place in the Automotive division through to project-based business in Industrial and Aerospace.

FAG bearings

FAG products

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FAG bearing numbers

FAG HS7008-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7008-C-T-P4S bearing
40mm x 68mm x 15mm
FAG HS7014-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7014-C-T-P4S bearing
70mm x 110mm x 20mm
FAG HS71914-C-T-P4S spindle bea
FAG HS71914-C-T-P4S bearing
70mm x 100mm x 16mm
FAG HS7020-E-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7020-E-T-P4S bearing
100mm x 150mm x 24mm
FAG HSS7010-C-T-P4S spindle bea
FAG HSS7010-C-T-P4S bearing
50mm x 80mm x 16mm
FAG HSS7014-C-T-P4S spindle bea
FAG HSS7014-C-T-P4S bearing
70mm x 110mm x 20mm
FAG HSS71913-C-T-P4S spindle be
FAG HSS71913-C-T-P4S bearing
65mm x 90mm x 13mm
FAG HSS7000-E-T-P4S spindle bea
FAG HSS7000-E-T-P4S bearing
10mm x 26mm x 8mm
FAG HSS7014-E-T-P4S spindle bea
FAG HSS7014-E-T-P4S bearing
70mm x 110mm x 20mm
FAG HSS7017-E-T-P4S spindle bea
FAG HSS7017-E-T-P4S bearing
85mm x 130mm x 22mm
FAG HS7000-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7000-C-T-P4S bearing
10mm x 26mm x 8mm
FAG HS7002-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7002-C-T-P4S bearing
15mm x 32mm x 9mm
FAG HS7006-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7006-C-T-P4S bearing
30mm x 55mm x 13mm
FAG HS7010-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7010-C-T-P4S bearing
50mm x 80mm x 16mm
FAG HS7012-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7012-C-T-P4S bearing
60mm x 95mm x 18mm
FAG HS7013-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7013-C-T-P4S bearing
65mm x 100mm x 18mm
FAG HS7016-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7016-C-T-P4S bearing
80mm x 125mm x 22mm
FAG HS7018-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7018-C-T-P4S bearing
90mm x 140mm x 24mm
FAG HS7019-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7019-C-T-P4S bearing
95mm x 145mm x 24mm
FAG HS7020-C-T-P4S spindle bear
FAG HS7020-C-T-P4S bearing
100mm x 150mm x 24mm

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