NTN bearings

NTN bearings began in 1918 when investor Noboru Niwa, his sales company Tomoe Trading Co., and engineer Jiro Nishizono joined together to design and manufacture the first NTN ball bearings.

By 1939, NTN had constructed what would become its global manufacturing center, Kuwana Works, and in 1954, NTN became the first Japanese industrial manufacturer to be awarded the prestigious Deming Prize for statistical quality control. NTN bearings continued to grow throughout the 1950s and 1960s as additional factories were built and NTN sales operations expanded to Europe.

NTN bearings

NTN bearing catalog

  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • Angular contact ball bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Needle bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Wheel bearings
  • Pillow block bearings

NTN bearings catalogue

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NSK bearing numbers

NTN 4T-594A/592XE bearings | 95
NTN 4T-594A/592XE bearing
95.250mm x 147.640mm x 36.320mm
NTN 4T-32305 bearings | 25x62x2
NTN 4T-32305 bearing
25mm x 62mm x 24.0mm
NTN 60/28 bearings | 28x52x12mm
NTN 60/28 bearing
28mm x 52mm x 12mm
NTN 6010 bearings | 50x80x16mm
NTN 6010 bearing
50mm x 80mm x 16mm
NTN 6210C3 bearings | 50x90x20m
NTN 6210C3 bearing
50mm x 90mm x 20mm
NTN 6311C3 bearings | 55x120x29
NTN 6311C3 bearing
55mm x 120mm x 29mm
NTN 6411 bearings | 55x140x33mm
NTN 6411 bearing
55mm x 140mm x 33mm
NTN 6212 bearings | 60x110x22mm
NTN 6212 bearing
60mm x 110mm x 22mm
NTN 6213 bearings | 65x120x23mm
NTN 6213 bearing
65mm x 120mm x 23mm
NTN 6413C3 bearings | 65x160x37
NTN 6413C3 bearing
65mm x 160mm x 37mm
NTN 4T-936/932 bearings | 107.9
NTN 4T-936/932 bearing
107.950mm x 212.730mm x 66.680mm
NTN 4T-37431/37625 bearings | 1
NTN 4T-37431/37625 bearing
109.540mm x 158.750mm x 21.440mm
NTN 4T-H924045/H924010 bearings
NTN 4T-H924045/H924010 bearing
111.130mm x 214.310mm x 52.390mm
NTN 4T-HM926740/HM926710 bearin
NTN 4T-HM926740/HM926710 bearing
114.300mm x 228.600mm x 49.430mm
NTN 4T-71453/71750 bearings | 1
NTN 4T-71453/71750 bearing
115.090mm x 190.500mm x 49.210mm
NTN 4T-95475/95925 bearings | 1
NTN 4T-95475/95925 bearing
120.650mm x 234.950mm x 63.500mm
NTN 4T-48286/48220 bearings | 1
NTN 4T-48286/48220 bearing
123.830mm x 182.560mm x 38.100mm
NTN 4T-HH228349/HH228310 bearin
NTN 4T-HH228349/HH228310 bearing
127.000mm x 254.000mm x 82.550mm
NTN 4T-799/792 bearings | 128.5
NTN 4T-799/792 bearing
128.590mm x 206.380mm x 47.630mm
NTN 4T-799A/792 bearings | 130.
NTN 4T-799A/792 bearing
130.180mm x 206.380mm x 47.630mm

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