NTN creep prevention bearings, AC bearings

NTN creep prevention bearings, AC bearings, have the same boundary dimensions as standard bearings with the addition of two O-rings imbedded on the outside surface of the outer ring.

NTN AC bearing is suitable for applications where a "tight fit" is not possible but outer ring creeping exists under rotating load on outer ring. AC bearing can alsobe installed as a floating side bearing to accommodate expansion of shaft by heat as it can more axially. Before installing the bearing into the housing, high viscosity oil (base oil viscosity, 100 mm2 /s or more) or grease has to be applied to the space between two O-rings. This lubricant forms a thin oil layer on the bearing outer ring which prevents contact between the outer ring and housing, lowers the friction, and can minimize the occurrence of creeping by utilizing the friction force of the O-rings.

NTN creep prevention bearings

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