SKF maintenance-free rod ends bearing

SKF manufactures maintenance-free rod ends with three different sliding contact surface combinations in different series:

  • Steel/PTFE sintered bronze: SI(L) .. C, SA(L) .. C series
  • Steel/PTFE fabric: SI(L) .. TXE-2LS, SI(L)A .. TXE-2LS, SA(L) .. TXE-2LS, SA(L)A .. TXE-2LS series
  • Steel/PTFE FRP: SI(L)KB .. F, SA(L)KB .. F series.

SKF rod ends with either a steel/PTFE sintered bronze or steel/PTFE fabric sliding contact surface combination contain a bearing from the standard assortment. The outer ring is staked in place in the housing.

SKF rod ends with a steel/PTFE FRP sliding contact surface combination consist of a rod end housing and a spherical plain bearing inner ring. Between the housing and the inner ring, a sliding layer of fibre reinforced polymer, containing PTFE, is moulded to the housing.

SKF supplies maintenance-free rod ends with a threaded shank with a right-hand thread as standard. With the exception of rod ends with the designation suffix VZ019, all rod ends are also available with a left-hand thread. They are identified by the designation prefix L.

The dimensions of SKF maintenance-free rod ends are in accordance with ISO 12240-4:1998.

Male and female threads of SKF rod ends are in accordance with ISO 965-1:1998, except for rod ends with female thread having the designation suffix /VZ019, which is in accordance with ISO 8139:2009.

SKF maintenance-free rod ends
SKF maintenance-free rod ends

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d:8mm, d2:25mm, l2:56mm
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d:20mm, d2:54mm, l2:107mm
SKF SAL20C rod ends
d:20mm, d2:54mm, l2:107mm

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