TIMKEN extra small ball bearings

TIMKEN extra small bearings are available in the 30 Metric Series, the 33 and S Inch Series and the F Flanged Series. These TIMKEN ball bearings can sustain radial, thrust and combined loads proportionate to the capacities of the small shafts for which they are designed. They are appropriate for use in fractional horsepower motors, precision instruments, domestic appliances, film projectors and similar devices.

The F flanged series has external shoulders with the bearing for mounting in through-bored housings. This series is used where compactness is essential or where it is not feasible to machine housing shoulders.

All series in the extra small family include shielded versions. The 30 Metric Series is also available with felt seals, Mechani-Seals and rubber seals, while the 33 and S Inch Series is available with rubber seals.

Some sizes in the Extra Small Series are manufactured from stainless steel.


  • Designed for small shafts.
  • Can sustain radial, thrust and combined load proportionate to capacities of small shafts.
  • Suitable for use in fractional horsepower motors, domestic appliances, precision instruments and similar devices.
  • Offer various combinations of shields and seals
  • Electric motor quality for applications where quietness is required.
  • Stainless steel series, denoted by a prefix A before the bearing number. (Example: A38K)

TIMKEN extra small 30 metric series

Number and Dimensions

Bearing number bore
Outside diameter
34K, 34KD, 34KDD 4 16 5
35K, 35KD, 35KDD 5 19 6
36K, 36KD, 36KDD 6 19 6
37K, 37KD, 37KDD 7 22 7
38K, 38KD, 38KDD 8 22 7
38KV 8 24 7
39K, 39KD, 39KDD 9 26 8
36P, 36PP 6 19 10
36P2, 36PP2 6 19 6
37P, 37PP 7 22 10
37P2, 37PP2 7 22 7
38P, 38PP 8 22 10
38P2, 38PP2 8 22 7
39P, 39PP 9 26 8



  • Developed by The Timken® Company.
  • Adapted to the 30 metric series for effective grease retention and exclusion of foreign matter.
  • Can be operated at speeds comparable to open-type bearings.
  • Available with:
    • one mechani-seal (suffix L)
    • one mechani-seal and one shiled (suffix LD)
    • two mechani-seals (suffix LL)

TIMKEN extra small 30 metric series ball bearings


  • Provide effective barrier against the entrance of foreign matter and the escape of lubricant.
  • Contact seal with the felt riding on the ground surface of inner ring O.D.
  • Can be operated at moderate speeds without excessive heating because the felt washer absorbs some lubricant.
  • Electric motor quality where quietness is required.
  • Available with:
    • one felt seal (suffix T)
    • one feld seal and one shield (suffix TD)
    • two felt seals (suffix TT)

TIMKEN extra small 30 metric series with felt-seals

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