TIMKEN bearings catalog, TIMKEN bearings by size

TIMKEN bearing catalog

TIMKEN bearings catalog: TIMKEN ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, housed units, plain bearings, precision bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, thrust bearings, seals, maintenance tools, couplings and universal joints, wheel hub units, etc. You can find TIMKEN bearings by size.

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TIMKEN bearing catalog online: you can find tapered, spherical, cylindrical, thrust, ball, plain, miniature, precision, housed unit products below.

Bearing Number Brand Principal Dimensions Type
3779-3729DTIMKEN47.625mm x 93.264mm x 65.088mmroller bearings
368W-363DCTIMKEN50.8mm x 90.000mm x 50.008mmroller bearings
3780-3729DCTIMKEN50.8mm x 93.264mm x 65.088mmroller bearings
385AX-384DTIMKEN50.8mm x 100.000mm x 52.385mmroller bearings
EE126097-126150-BTIMKEN244.475mm x 381.000mm x 34.925mmroller bearings
EE275100-275158-BTIMKEN254.000mm x 403.225mm x 38.100mmroller bearings
LM613449-LM613410-BTIMKEN69.850mm x 112.713mm x 11.113mmroller bearings
H715341-H715310-BTIMKEN66.675mm x 139.700mm x 17.463mmroller bearings
594A-592-BTIMKEN95.250mm x 152.400mm x 15.875mmroller bearings
457-453XBTIMKEN39.688mm x 107.95mm x 8.738mmroller bearings
460-453XBTIMKEN44.450mm x 107.95mm x 8.738mmroller bearings
399AS-394ABTIMKEN68.263mm x 110.000mm x 7.925mmroller bearings
2687-2631-BTIMKEN25.400mm x 66.421mm x 8.725mmroller bearings
41100-41286-BTIMKEN25.400mm x 72.626mm x 12.700mmroller bearings
643-632-BTIMKEN69.850mm x 136.525mm x 16.662mmroller bearings
570-563-BTIMKEN68.263mm x 127mm x 14.288mmroller bearings
28137-28315-BTIMKEN34.925mm x 80mm x 9.101mmroller bearings
42375-42587-BTIMKEN95.250mm x 149.225mm x 12.700mmroller bearings
28158-28315-BTIMKEN40mm x 80mm x 9.101mmroller bearings
44157-44348-BTIMKEN40mm x 88.501mm x 13.492mmroller bearings
440-432-BTIMKEN38.1mm x 95.250mm x 11.115mmroller bearings
480-472-BTIMKEN68.263mm x 120.000mm x 11.095mmroller bearings
766-752-BTIMKEN88.900mm x 161.925mm x 17.450mmroller bearings
835-832-BTIMKEN69.850mm x 168.275mm x 22.225mmroller bearings
34275-34481-BTIMKEN70mm x 122.238mm x 7.938mmroller bearings
25580-25521-BTIMKEN44.450mm x 83.058mm x 8.733mmroller bearings
841-832-BTIMKEN85.725mm x 168.275mm x 22.225mmroller bearings
321WTIMKEN105mm x 225mm x 49mmball bearings
609TIMKEN9mm x 24mm x 7mmball bearings
634TIMKEN4mm x 16mm x 5mmball bearings
639-2RZTIMKEN9mm x 30mm x 10mmball bearings
6213-2RZTIMKEN65mm x 120mm x 23mmball bearings
16013TIMKEN65mm x 100mm x 11mmball bearings
16020-C3TIMKEN100mm x 150mm x 16mmball bearings
6408-NTIMKEN40mm x 110mm x 27mmball bearings
6238TIMKEN190mm x 340mm x 55mmball bearings
593-592-BTIMKEN88.900mm x 152.400mm x 15.875mmroller bearings
559-552-BTIMKEN63.500mm x 123.825mm x 14.288mmroller bearings