NTN bearings

NTN bearings began in 1918 when investor Noboru Niwa, his sales company Tomoe Trading Co., and engineer Jiro Nishizono joined together to design and manufacture the first NTN ball bearings.

By 1939, NTN had constructed what would become its global manufacturing center, Kuwana Works, and in 1954, NTN became the first Japanese industrial manufacturer to be awarded the prestigious Deming Prize for statistical quality control. NTN bearings continued to grow throughout the 1950s and 1960s as additional factories were built and NTN sales operations expanded to Europe.

NTN bearings

NTN bearings catalogue

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NSK bearing numbers

NTN 4T-33275/33462 bearings | 6
NTN 4T-33275/33462 bearing
69.850mm x 117.480mm x 30.160mm
NTN 4T-643/632 bearings | 69.85
NTN 4T-643/632 bearing
69.850mm x 136.530mm x 41.280mm
NTN 4T-33281/33462 bearings | 7
NTN 4T-33281/33462 bearing
71.440mm x 117.480mm x 30.160mm
NTN 4T-33287/33462 bearings | 7
NTN 4T-33287/33462 bearing
73.030mm x 117.480mm x 30.160mm
NTN 4T-L814749/L814710 bearings
NTN 4T-L814749/L814710 bearing
76.200mm x 109.540mm x 19.050mm
NTN 4T-6576/6535 bearings | 76.
NTN 4T-6576/6535 bearing
76.200mm x 161.930mm x 55.100mm
NTN 4T-6559C/6535 bearings | 82
NTN 4T-6559C/6535 bearing
82.550mm x 161.930mm x 55.100mm
NTN 4T-498/493 bearings | 84.14
NTN 4T-498/493 bearing
84.140mm x 136.530mm x 29.770mm
NTN 4T-6580/6535 bearings | 88.
NTN 4T-6580/6535 bearing
88.900mm x 161.930mm x 55.100mm
NTN 4T-L319249/L319210 bearings
NTN 4T-L319249/L319210 bearing
95.250mm x 130.180mm x 21.430mm
NTN 4T-641/633 bearings | 66.68
NTN 4T-641/633 bearing
66.680mm x 130.180mm x 41.280mm
NTN 4T-641/632 bearings | 66.68
NTN 4T-641/632 bearing
66.680mm x 136.530mm x 41.280mm
NTN 4T-H414242/H414210 bearings
NTN 4T-H414242/H414210 bearing
66.680mm x 136.530mm x 41.280mm
NTN 4T-480/472 bearings | 68.26
NTN 4T-480/472 bearing
68.260mm x 120.000mm x 29.010mm
NTN 4T-H414245/H414210 bearings
NTN 4T-H414245/H414210 bearing
68.260mm x 136.530mm x 41.280mm
NTN 4T-H715343/H715311 bearings
NTN 4T-H715343/H715311 bearing
68.260mm x 136.530mm x 46.040mm
NTN 4T-29675/29620 bearings | 6
NTN 4T-29675/29620 bearing
69.850mm x 112.710mm x 25.400mm
NTN 4T-47487/47420 bearings | 6
NTN 4T-47487/47420 bearing
69.850mm x 120.000mm x 32.550mm
NTN 4T-29675/29630 bearings | 6
NTN 4T-29675/29630 bearing
69.850mm x 120.650mm x 25.400mm
NTN 4T-566/563 bearings | 69.85
NTN 4T-566/563 bearing
69.850mm x 127.000mm x 36.170mm

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