fit for IKO Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings

As the outer ring is thin, the correct dimensions and accuracy of IKO Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings are obtained only after they have been press-fitted into the housing bore. Bearing accuracy is directly affected by housing dimensions, shape and rigidity. This should be taken into account when considering fit and accuracy. The radial clearance after fitting the bearing to the shaft and the housing bore varies with their tolerances.

Recommended fit for IKO Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings.

Type of bearing Housing material Tolerance class
Shaft(1) Housing bore
Without inner ring with inner ring
TA...Z, BA...Z, BHA ...Z,
Steel Cast iron h6 k5(j5) J7
Light alloy (Thin steel pipe) h6 k5(j5) M7(N7)
Steel Cast iron h6 k5(j5) N7
Light alloy (Thin steel pipe) h6 k5(j5) R7(S7)

(1) When housings are made of light alloy or a thin steel pipe, the roller set bore diameter is greatly affected by the housing thickness and shape. Therefore, before mass-production assembly, assembly tests should be carried out to confirm the amount of dimensional change and to determine the tolerance of the shaft which will give normal clearances.


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