TIMKEN bearings catalog

TIMKEN bearing catalog

TIMKEN bearings catalog: TIMKEN ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, housed units, plain bearings, precision bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, thrust bearings, seals, maintenance tools, couplings and universal joints, wheel hub units, etc.

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TIMKEN bearing catalog online: you can find tapered, spherical, cylindrical, thrust, ball, plain, miniature, precision, housed unit products below.

Bearing Number Brand Principal Dimensions Type
221WTIMKEN105mm x 190mm x 36mmball bearings
321WTIMKEN105mm x 225mm x 49mmball bearings
122WTIMKEN110mm x 175mm x 30mmball bearings
322WTIMKEN110mm x 240mm x 50mmball bearings
124WTIMKEN120mm x 190mm x 32mmball bearings
126WTIMKEN130mm x 205mm x 34mmball bearings
226WTIMKEN130mm x 230mm x 40mmball bearings
128WTIMKEN140mm x 220mm x 36mmball bearings
130WTIMKEN150mm x 235mm x 38mmball bearings
132WTIMKEN160mm x 250mm x 40mmball bearings
44158-44348-BTIMKEN39.688mm x 88.501mm x 13.492mmroller bearings
457-453XBTIMKEN39.688mm x 107.95mm x 8.738mmroller bearings
620-612-BTIMKEN39.688mm x 120.650mm x 16.667mmroller bearings
28158-28315-BTIMKEN40mm x 80mm x 9.101mmroller bearings
344A-332-BTIMKEN40mm x 80mm x 7.938mmroller bearings
3879-3820-BTIMKEN40mm x 85.725mm x 11.113mmroller bearings
44157-44348-BTIMKEN40mm x 88.501mm x 13.492mmroller bearings
442-S-432ABTIMKEN40mm x 92.075mm x 11.115mmroller bearings
442-S-432-BTIMKEN40mm x 95.250mm x 11.115mmroller bearings
11162-11300-BTIMKEN41.275mm x 76.2mm x 7.292mmroller bearings
300KTIMKEN10mm x 35mm x 11mmball bearings
618/3-ZZTIMKEN3mm x 7mm x 2mmball bearings
16002-ZZTIMKEN15mm x 32mm x 8mmball bearings
16003-ZZTIMKEN17mm x 35mm x 8mmball bearings
16005-ZZTIMKEN25mm x 47mm x 8mmball bearings
62200-2RSTIMKEN10mm x 30mm x 14mmball bearings
62300-2RSTIMKEN10mm x 35mm x 17mmball bearings
63000-2RSTIMKEN10mm x 26mm x 12mmball bearings
62201-2RSTIMKEN12mm x 32mm x 14mmball bearings
62301-2RSTIMKEN12mm x 37mm x 17mmball bearings
63001-2RSTIMKEN12mm x 28mm x 12mmball bearings
62202-2RSTIMKEN15mm x 35mm x 14mmball bearings
62302-2RSTIMKEN15mm x 42mm x 17mmball bearings
619/3-ZZTIMKEN3mm x 8mm x 3mmball bearings
603-ZZTIMKEN3mm x 9mm x 3mmball bearings
623-ZZTIMKEN3mm x 10mm x 4mmball bearings
301KTIMKEN12mm x 37mm x 12mmball bearings
302KTIMKEN15mm x 42mm x 13mmball bearings