FAG single row angular contact ball bearings tolerances

FAG angular contact ball bearings of the universal designs UA, UL or UO are available not only in the normal tolerance (no tolerance suffix) but also by agreement in the tolerance class P5 (suffix P5-UL or P5-UA).

The following exceptions apply: bore tolerances for bearings of all tolerance classes uniformly to P5 (no special suffix), width tolerances for universal bearings and matched bearings.

Tolerance for ring width

Bore Width deviation
over incl. min. max. min. max.
- 50 0 –250 0 –250
50 80 0 –380 0 –250
80 120 0 –380 0 –380
120 180 0 –500 0 –380
180 315 0 –500 0 –500


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FAG 7202-B-TVP-UO bearing
15mm x 35mm x 11mm
FAG 7205-B-TVP-UO bearing
25mm x 52mm x 15mm
FAG 7207-B-MP-UA bearing
35mm x 72mm x 17mm
FAG 7208-B-TVP bearing
40mm x 80mm x 18mm
FAG 7209-B-TVP-UO bearing
45mm x 85mm x 19mm
FAG 7211-B-TVP bearing
55mm x 100mm x 21mm
FAG 7216-B-MP-UO bearing
80mm x 140mm x 26mm
FAG 7222-B-MP-UO bearing
110mm x 200mm x 38mm