NSK manufacturing

NSK Manufacturing Sites in Japan

NSK LTD. Fujisawa Plant/Fujisawa Technology Center

The Fujisawa Plant manufactures a full range of small to ultra-large bearings for applications ranging from rail vehicles and machine tools to steel production machinery and wind turbines. Products: Industrial machinery bearings (roller bearings, large-size rolling bearings, ball bearings, other products)

NSK LTD. Ohtsu Plant

The Ohtsu Plant manufactures bearings used for home appliances (vacuum cleaners, washing machines, air-conditioning units) and IT equipment (copiers, printers), and automotive bearings used for car engines and electrical components.

NSK LTD. Ishibe Plant

The Ishibe Plant manufactures automotive wheel bearings that support tires and bearings used in automotive transmissions and engines.

NSK LTD. Saitama Plant

The Saitama Plant manufactures tapered roller bearings and CVTs for use in automotive transmissions and wheels. Bearings are manufactured entirely in-house, from casting through to assembly.

NSK LTD. Fukushima Plant

The Fukushima Plant manufactures extra small bearings for vacuum cleaners and automotive motors, small and large ball bearings for washing machines and speed-reducers, and spherical roller bearings for construction machines and transport machines.

NSK STEERING SYSTEMS CO., LTD. Soja Plant and Akagi Plant

NSK Steering Systems develops and manufactures steering components that are essential for the steering operation of vehicles.


NSK Kyushu Co., Ltd. manufactures small- to medium-sized precision ball screws, which are used in precision positioning systems. Following a production restructuring, NSK Kyusyu will begin manufacturing all sizes of ball screws in the future, including large-sized ball screws. Ball screws are used in applications ranging from medical equipment, machines used in the automotive industry, and machine tools to general industrial machines.


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