NTN deep groove ball bearings

NTN deep groove ball bearings are very widely used. A deep groove is formed on each inner and outer ring of the bearing enabling them to sustain radial and axial loads in either direction as well as well as the complex loads which result from the combination of these forces. Deep groove ball bearings are suitable for high speed applications.

In addition to unsealed bearings, deep groove ball bearings include ball bearings with greased sealed inside (sealed or shielded) and bearings with a snap ring that simplify structure around the bearing and design.

NTN deep groove ball bearings
Type, code no. shielded type sealed type
Non-contact type ZZ Non-contact type LLB Contact type LLU Low torque type LLH
construction Metal shield plate is affixed to outside ring; inner ring incorporates a V-groove and labyrinth clearance. Outer ring incorporates synthetic rubber molded to a steel plate; seal edge is aligned with V-groove along inner ring surface with labyrinth clearance Outer ring incorporates synthetic rubber molded to a steel plate; seal edge contacts V-groove along inner ring surface. Basic construction the same as LU type, but specially designed lip on edge of seal prevents penetration by foreign matter; low torque construction.
Torque Low Low Rather high Medium
Dust proofing very good better than ZZ type excellent Much better than LLB type
water proofing poor poor very good very good
high speed capacity same as open type same as open type limited by contact seals much better than LLU type
allowable temp. range depends on lubricant -25 ℃~120 ℃ -25 ℃~110 ℃ -25 ℃~120 ℃

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