Tolerances for thrust cylindrical roller bearing

Tolerances for shafts and housing bores

Bearing component Tolerance for
Shaft Bore
K811, K812,
K893, K894
Guided on shaft h8 -
GS811, GS812, GS893, GS894 - - H9
WS811, WS812, WS893, WS894 - h8 -
LS As housing locating washer Clear of shaft H9
As shaft locating washer h8 Clear of housing

Tolerances for thrust cylindrical roller bearing components

Bearing component Tolerance for
Bore diameter Outside diameter Width
K811, K812, K893, K894 Dc1 E111)  Dc a131)  Dw to DIN 5 402-1
GS811, GS812, GS893, GS894 D1 - D to DIN 620 B h11
WS811, WS812, WS893, WS894 d to DIN 620 d1 - B h11
LS d E121)  D a121)  B h11

thrust cylindrical roller bearing tolerance
Thrust roller bearing components


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