FAG T7FC tapered roller bearing

The FAG T7FC tapered roller bearing is the central FAG bearing position in applications such as axial piston motors, and has to support the highest possible radial and axial loads in small spaces. T7FC tapered roller bearings in X-life quality, which have optimized friction characteristics, are used here.

  • High rigidity
  • Narrow axial guidance
  • Low weight
  • Good level of efficiency

Functional advantages

  • Significantly longer rating life (70 %)
  • 20 % higher dynamic load rating
  • More economical bearing supports due to downsizing
  • Reduced friction, heat, and noise
  • Longer maintenance intervals

Product benefits

  • Longer operating life with the same loads
  • Higher load carrying capacity with the same operating life
  • New design approaches (e. g. downsizing)
FAG T7FC tapered roller bearing

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