INA yoke type track rollers sealing

The seals used in INA yoke type track rollers are shown in the following:

Yoke type track roller
Series Seal
STO Open
NA22..-2RSR Lip seal
PWTR..-2RS Protected lip seals on both sides
Three-stage sealing
by plastic axial plain washers
Gap seal
NUTR Labyrinth seal
NNTR..-2ZL Sealing shield with lamellar rings

In the three-stage concept, there is a gap seal between the plastic axial plain washer and the outer ring and a labyrinth seal between the formed seal lip and the undercut in the outer ring.

The disc spring shape of the axial plain washers gives a preloaded contact seal as the third stage. It also provides axial sliding contact between the outer ring and contact washers, thus reducing wear and grease consumption.

The INA bearings are greased using a lithium complex soap grease to GA08 and can be lubricated via the inner ring. Relubrication can be carried out using Arcanol LOAD150.


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