TIMKEN TDI, TDIT tapered roller bearing,Double Inner Race

TIMKEN TDI tapered roller bearings

TIMKEN TDI bearing have a one-piece double inner race and two single outer races and are typically supplied complete with an outer race spacer as a pre-set assembly. The bearing can be used at fixed positions on rotation shaft applications. For rotating housing application it can be used to float on the stationary shaft. A groove and holes can be supplied in the outerring spacer to allow lubricant to pass from the bearing housing.

TDI bearings are sometimes used on rotating shaft applications where a loose fit is required for ease of removal.

TIMKEN TDIT tapered roller bearings

TIMKEN TDIT tapered roller bearing is a double inner-ring bearing with a tapered bore. It is comprised of a one-piece (double) inner ring and two single outer rings. TDIT bearings are typically supplied complete with an outer-ring spacer as a pre-set assembly. These can be used in fixed (locating) positions on rotatingshaft applications.

TIMKEN TDI tapered roller bearings

The tapered inner-ring bore allows for easy removal where interference fits are necessary and frequent removal of the bearing from the shaft is desired.

Size range:

  • ID 25.400 mm to 1200.150 mm (1.000 in. to 47.2500 in.)
  • OD 30.480 mm to 2460.000 mm (1.2000 in. to 96.8504 in.)

Design Attributes:

  • Double cone and two single cups, with or without a cup spacer.
  • Furnished as a matched assembly.
  • Cups ground to fit.


  • Gear reduction units
  • Cranes
  • Calendar rolls
  • Industrial machinery

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