NSK wheel bearing selection

While higher performance is demanded for hub unit bearings, the constraints and conditions of their application are becoming increasingly diverse. The selection of optimum bearing types satisfying such constraints and conditions requires the examination of various aspects. Please contact NSK for comprehensive technical services, such as functional evaluation, or technical consultations on design specifications in the development precess, costs, and scheduling, for suitable selecion of wheel bearings.

Selection process of NSK wheel bearing types


  • Requlrements of bearings (vehicle types, new development / design modification)
  • Usage conditions (front / rear wheels, driven / non-driven wheels, vehicle specifications)
  • Dimension speifications for mounting bearings
  • Special user preferences (brands and packed quantity of grease, inner-ring separable load, seals, hub bolts, sensor rotors, sensors, and inner-ring clamping mechanism)
  • Evaluation tests / criteria for determination

2, Studies on bearing types among HUB1, HUB 2, and HUB 3

  • Space allowable for bearings (constraints of peripheral components)
  • Rotating rings (inner / outer rings)
  • Running conditions (turning acceleration)
  • Rigidity (turning load and inclination angle)
  • Seal (with seals / without seals)
  • Marketability and cost-efficiency (distribution of processes for peripheral components)

3, Determination of bearing types, Studies on bearing specifications

  • selection of bearing materials
  • life calculation
  • Studies on rigidity and strength
  • cages
  • seals (types)
  • grease (brand and packed quantity)
  • bolts
  • sensor rotors (materials, rust prevention specification)
  • sensors
  • Inner ring clamping mechanism

4, Determination of bearing specifications, studies on axial clearance

  • specifications for peripheral components (dimensions and materials)
  • axial force (nuts and clamp torque)

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28mm x 61mm x 42mm
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32mm x 72mm x 45mm
NSK 36BWD01B bearing
36mm x 72.041mm x 34mm
NSK 38BWD12 bearing
38mm x 72mm x 33mm
NSK 40BWD12 bearing
40mm x 74mm x 42mm
NSK 40BWD08A bearing
40mm x 76mm x 33mm