NSK wheel bearing types selection

NSK wheel bearing types selection describes the comparable features of the different bearing types to help customers select the suitable bearing. Carefully consider all aspects, including each type's features, peripheral components, mounting time, and facilities.

Application with 2 sets of single-row bearings

NSK wheel bearings 2 sets

  • Long distances between effective load centers
  • Difficult preload setting
  • Complicated mounting process
  • Grease packing required
  • Large packaging required

NSK HUB 1 bearing features compared to 2 sets of single-row bearings

NSK HUB 1 bearing

  • Easier and more reliable preload setting
  • Shorter distance between effective load centers
  • Easy mounting process
  • No spacer adjustment required
  • No grease packing required
  • compact
  • No operations required to press seals into hub units (integral seals are optional)

NSK HUB 2 bearing features compared to HUB 1

NSK HUB 2 bearing

  • Easy preload setting
  • Easy mounting process
  • No requirements to fit to knuckles
  • Integral seals (improved reliability)
  • Integral sensor rotors are optional (outer ring rotation)
  • Lightweight and compact

NSK HUB 3 bearing features compared to HUB 1

NSK HUB 3 bearing

  • Pre-set preload (non-driven wheels)
  • Easier mounting
  • Enhanced rigidity
  • Easy incorporation of ABS sensors

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38mm x 68mm x 37mm
NSK 45KWD03 bearing
45mm x 78mm x 37mm
NSK 28BWD01A bearing
28mm x 61mm x 42mm
NSK 32BWD05 bearing
32mm x 72mm x 45mm
NSK 36BWD01B bearing
36mm x 72.041mm x 34mm
NSK 38BWD12 bearing
38mm x 72mm x 33mm
NSK 40BWD12 bearing
40mm x 74mm x 42mm
NSK 40BWD08A bearing
40mm x 76mm x 33mm