Greases for SKF sealed spherical roller bearings

SKF sealed spherical roller bearings are supplied lubricated and should not be washed. For many application conditions, the bearings do not require relubrication and can be considered relubrication-free

Sealed spherical roller bearings are filled as standard with SKF LGEP 2 grease. Bearings filled with SKF LGHB 2 grease can be supplied on request.

SKF sealed spherical roller bearings are designed to operate relubrication-free. For bearings lubricated with the standard grease LGEP 2 (designation suffix VT143), the lubrication-free operating conditions can be identified using. The diagram is valid for bearings in light to normal load applications (P ≤ 0,1 C) on a horizontal shaft and a load ratio Fa/Fr ≤ e. For other operating conditions, the grease life can be estimated by multiplying the relubrication interval for open bearings by a factor of 2,7.

A suitable grease quantity to relubricate sealed bearings can be obtained using

Gp = 0,0015 D B

Gp  grease quantity [g] 
bearing outside diameter [mm] 
bearing width [mm] 

The grease should be applied slowly through the lubrication holes in the outer ring while the bearing is rotating, if possible, to avoid damaging the seals. SKF recommends relubricating with the same grease as the initial fill.

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