SKF bearing grease

SKF bearing grease

SKF bearing greases are for a wide range of applications. Nodes bearings supply high quality SKF bearing grease with the following products:

Greases for a wide range of applications: LGMT2, LGMT3, LGEP2, LGWA2, LGGB2, LGFP2
Greases for high load applications: LGHB2, LGWM2, LGEM2, LGEV2, LGHC2
Greases for high temperature applications: LGHP2, LGHB2, LGHC2, LGED2, LGET2
Greases for low temperature applications: LGLT2, LGWM1, LGWM2, LGLS0
Food grade lubricants: LGFP2, LGFQ2

As SKF bearing supplier, Nodes offer: On time deliveries, no minimums quantities, and combined sales experience of over 20 years in this field.

SKF grease catalogue

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