SKF thrust ball bearings designation

SKF thrust bearings designation follow a system that may consist of a basic designation with or without one or more prefixes and/or suffixes.

1 Prefixes (n.a.)

2 Basic designation
Listed in SKF bearing nomenclature
BA. Thrust ball bearing, bore diameter d < 10 mm 
The one-digit number after BA identifies the bore diameter.

3 Suffixes - Internal design (n.a.)

4 Suffixes - External design (seals, snap ring groove etc.) (n.a.)

5 Suffixes - Cage design
F Machined steel cage, ball centred
M Machined brass cage, ball centred

6.1 Suffixes - Materials, heat treatment (n.a.)

6.2 Suffixes - Accuracy, clearance, preload, quiet running
P5 Dimensional and geometrical to tolerances to class P5
P6  Dimensional and geometrical to tolerances to class P6

6.3 Suffixes - Bearing sets, matched bearings (n.a.)

6.4 Suffixes - Stabilization (n.a.)

6.5 Suffixes - Lubrication (n.a.)

6.6 Suffixes - Other variants (n.a.)

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