Cages of TIMKEN deep groove ball bearings

Cages (also referred to as retainers) make a vital contribution to overall TIMKEN ball bearing performance. They maintain uniform ball spacing in the bearing as the balls pass into and out of the load zone.

Cages can impact several TIMKEN bearing operational characteristics such as:

  • Maximum rotational speed
  • Torque characteristics
  • Temperature limits
  • Lubricant flow

There are a number of different cage types that are commonly used in deep groove ball bearings, the most popular being the riveted steel cage. The table bellow describes the most common cage types.

Type Two piece riveted steel cage One pieve stainless steel crown type cage one piece polymer crown type cage machined brass cage
Design Two-Piece Riveted One-Piece Stainless Steel Crown-Type Cage One-Piece Polymer Crown-Type Cage Machined-Brass Cage
Construction Two pressed-steel half cages are fixed together with rivets; ball-piloted cage provides good uniformity of ball-topocket clearance. Pressed stainless-steel cage guided by inner ring. One-piece molded snap-in 6/6 nylon cage. Two identical half cages made from solid brass, fixed together with rivets.
Advantages Designed to reduce frictional torque; high rigidity and strength, making it the cage of choice for most applications. Best performance in low-speed applications where low torque is preferred. Tough and flexible especially in situations of misalignment; resistant to most solvents, oils and greases. Superior strength enables this cage to be used in heavily loaded and highspeed applications.

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