INA needle roller and cage assemblies raceway design

Where INA needle roller and cage assemblies are to be used, the housing bore and the shaft raceway must be hardened and ground. The surface hardness of the raceways must be 670  HV + 170  HV, the hardening depth CHD or SHD must be sufficiently large. Design of raceways, see table below

Shaft -
Bore -
Shaft tolerance Roughness Roundness Parallelism
Nominal dimension
Bearing clearance
over incl. Small Normal Large max. max. max.
- 80 G6 j5 h5 g6 Ra0,2 (Rz1) IT3 IT3
H6 h5 g5 f6
80 120 G6 h5 g5 f6 Ra0,3(Rz1,6)
120 - G6 h5 g5 f6 Ra0,4(Rz2,5)
H6 - f5 e6

The raceway width must be at least equal to the cage width Bc (Bc is produced with a minus (–) tolerance); values for Bc, see dimension tables. The distance between the axial limit surfaces should therefore be toleranced to H12

The axial running surfaces for the needle roller and cage assemblies must be precision machined (Ra2 recommended) and resistant to wear.

Raceway width and axial running surfaces


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