Kaydon angular contact thin section bearings

The Type A angular contact thin section ball bearing is also a conventional design. It features a circular pocket separator and a 30° contact angle along with approximately 67% of a full complement of balls.

The chief benefit of the Type A bearing is that it provides greater thrust capacity than a Type C or Type X bearing. Because of its counterbored outer race, a Type A bearing has unidirectional thrust capacity. Thus, this thin section bearing should be mounted opposed to another bearing to establish and maintain the contact angle, and to support reversing thrust loads.

Kaydon angular contact thin section bearings

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KAYDON KG055CP0 bearings
5.500" x 7.500" x 1"
KAYDON KG080XP0 bearings
8.000" x 10.000" x 1"
KAYDON KG120XP0 bearings
12.000" x 14.000" x 1"
KAYDON JU040XP0 bearings
4.000" x 4.750" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU050XP0 bearings
5.000" x 5.750" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU055XP0 bearings
5.500" x 6.250" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU065XP0 bearings
6.500" x 7.250" x 0.5"
KAYDON S11003XS0 bearings
110mm x 116mm x 2.5mm

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