KAYDON Reali-slim sealed thin section bearings

As KAYDON bearing distributor, Nodes bearings have KAYDON Reali-slim sealed thin section bearings in stock, including JHA, JA, JB, JU, JG series. Welcome enquiry.

KAYDON Reali-Slim® sealed thin section ball bearings provide a wide variety of solutions for keeping anti-friction bearings clean and well-lubricated. The Reali-Slim® sealed bearing line consists of five series, available with integral seals, pre-lubricated with grease from the factory, and in-stock for quick delivery. Nitrile rubber sealing is standard, with other sealing element materials also available. A light contact lip on the inner race minimizes frictional drag while excluding contaminants.

Kaydon stainless steel Reali-Slim® or Endura-Slim® series of ball bearings provide exceptional corrosion resistance; Endurakote® plating provides corrosion resistance equal to or better than an AISI 440C stainless steel bearing and can be supplied with very quick delivery.

KAYDON Reali-slim sealed thin section bearings

Reali-Slim® sealed thin section ball bearings range in bore diameters from 0.750 inch to 40.000 inches. Series range from .187 x .187 inch to 1.000 x 1.000 inch in cross section. Stock sealed bearings are available in Conrad assembled deep groove radial ball bearings (Type C), and four-point contact radial bearings (Type X).

To realize the full benefits from anti-friction bearings, it is important to keep them clean and well lubricated. Seals and shields properly designed and mounted help to accomplish this. Integral seals and shields offer a very compact overall design with the additional advantage of protecting the bearing before, during and after installation.

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KAYDON JA020XP0 bearings
2.000" x 2.500" x 0.25"
KAYDON JA030XP0 bearings
3.000" x 3.500" x 0.25"
KAYDON JA035XP0 bearings
3.500" x 4.000" x 0.25"
KAYDON JU045CP0 bearings
4.500" x 5.250" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU060CP0 bearings
6.000" x 6.750" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU065CP0 bearings
6.500" x 7.250" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU040XP0 bearings
4.000" x 4.750" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU050XP0 bearings
5.000" x 5.750" x 0.5"

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