kaydon thin section applications

Many years ago, Kaydon engineers trying to help designers fit assemblies into smaller spaces had an idea: what if the bearing cross-section didn’t increase as the bore size got bigger? This led them to develop new bearings with a cross-section that remained constant: KAYDON Reali-Slim thin section bearings.

Kaydon Reali-Slim thin section bearings produce larger ratios of diameter to radial section, which lead to space and weight savings of up to 85 percent. Such savings typically have a ripple effect, and have been known to eliminate enough material and/or components to reduce system cost by 40 percent.

Despite their slim profile, Reali-Slim bearings have enough load capacity to handle a wide range of applications.

Industrial Machinery

  • Machine tools
  • Robots
  • Optical scanning and imaging equipment
  • Food processing machinery
  • Packaging equipment

Aerospace & Defense

  • Target systems and tank sights
  • Navigation, target acquistion pods
  • Helicopter swash plates and gearboxes
  • Propulsion and control systems
  • Radar
  • Satellites
  • Mars Rover

Oil & Gas

  • Rotating drill rig equipment
  • Pipe inspection equipment
  • Iron roughnecks
  • Power swivels


  • CT scanners
  • Laboratory diagnostic equipment
  • Surgical robotics
  • Surgical chairs, tables

Semiconductor Machinery

  • Pick and place robotics
  • Lapping equipment
  • Wafer etching, scrubbing and polishing

Renewable Energy

  • Solar panel altitude-azimuth mountings
  • Solar panel gearboxes


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KAYDON KG055CP0 bearings
5.500" x 7.500" x 1"
KAYDON KG080XP0 bearings
8.000" x 10.000" x 1"
KAYDON KG120XP0 bearings
12.000" x 14.000" x 1"
KAYDON JU040XP0 bearings
4.000" x 4.750" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU050XP0 bearings
5.000" x 5.750" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU055XP0 bearings
5.500" x 6.250" x 0.5"
KAYDON JU065XP0 bearings
6.500" x 7.250" x 0.5"
KAYDON S11003XS0 bearings
110mm x 116mm x 2.5mm