NSK Creep-Free Bearings

NSK’s Creep-Free Bearings are indispensable for a wide range of equipment, particularly electric motors. Tensioned O-rings mounted in the bearing outer ring improve creep prevention under rotating loads. The product offers easy assemble and the possibility of reusable housings.

Condition Description

  • Fitting
  • High Load


  • Electric Motor / Electric Drive
  • Pump
  • Compressor


  • Nitrile rubber O rings
  • Ester Oil compatible
  • Standard bearing sizes
  • For use with loose housing fit
  • Operating temperature –30°C to 120°C


  • Improved creep prevention.
  • Reusable housing – no reworking necessary in replacement.
  • Easy assembly & bearing replacement.
  • Reduced costs.
NSK Creep-Free Bearings
NSK Creep-Free Bearings

NSK Creep-Free Bearings nomenclature

NSK Creep-Free Bearings
More information: NSK bearing nomenclature

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