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NSK bearings

NSK bearing catalog: NSK ball bearing, roller bearing, bearing units, Bearing accessories, linear bearings. NSK bearing catalogs give you the capability to select the correct NSK bearings that best meet the needs of your application and equipment design.

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NSK products

NSK thrust ball bearings nsk

NSK thrust ball bearings

NSK thrust ball bearings are classified into those with flat seats or aligning seats depending on the shape of the outer ring seat (housing washer). They can sustain axial loads but no radial loads. For Single-Direction Thrust Ball Bearings , pressed

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NSKHPS Angular Contact Ball Bearings nsk

NSKHPS Angular Contact Ball Bearings

NSKHPS Angular Contact Ball Bearings for industrial machinery specifically pump and compressor applications are designed for easy handling, long-life, low vibration and quiet running in application.

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NSK Creep-Free Bearings nsk

NSK Creep-Free Bearings

NSKs Creep-Free Bearings are indispensable for a wide range of equipment, particularly electric motors. Tensioned O-rings mounted in the bearing outer ring improve creep prevention under rotating loads. The product offers easy assemble and the possib

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NSKHPS Deep Groove Ball Bearings nsk

NSKHPS Deep Groove Ball Bearings

The new range NSKHPS Deep Groove Ball Bearings are focusing on a wide range of sizes offering a high degree of versitality for various general-purpose applications. These NSKHPS bearings now have an increased bearing life of 15% compared to conventio

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NSK PPS-resin coating insulated bearings nsk

NSK PPS-resin coating insulated bearings

To prevent electric pitting, NSK developed PPS-resin coating insulated bearings and ceramic coating insulated bearings. Relationship between temperature and insulation resistance of PPS-insulated bearings was assessed. As a result, no deterioration o

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NSK BNEQARTET Bearings nsk


NSK has developed BNEQARTET, a material for long life bearings for front-loading washers. These products were developed through a combination of alloy component optimisation and proprietary cleaning control technology. They achieve more than twice th

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NSK TF Series Bearings wholesalers nsk

NSK TF Series Bearings wholesalers

NSK’s TF Series Bearings have been designed for outstanding toughness under harsh conditions.  They combine longer service life & superior resistance against wear, seizure & heat

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NSK miniature ball bearings nsk

NSK miniature ball bearings

NSK miniature ball bearings can be divided into two basic types, NSK deep groove and angular contact. The first (deep groove) can be further divided into the following five classes depending on their design details

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NSK tapered roller bearings nsk

NSK tapered roller bearings

NSK tapered roller bearings are designed so the apices of the cones formed by the raceways of the cone and cup and the conical rollers all coincide at one point on the axis of the bearing.

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NSK thrust bearings nsk

NSK thrust bearings

NSK thrust bearings come in many designs and types bearings, including NSK thrust ball bearing, cylindrical roller thrust bearing, spherical thrust roller bearing, angular contact thrust ball bearing.

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