IKO C-Lube Linear way ML lightweight miniature guides

IKO C-Lube Linear Way ML lightweight miniature guides feature built-in lubrication. The C-lube unit doesn’t contact the track rail, enabling smooth motion without increasing rolling resistance.

  • Components are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This makes them suitable for applications that don’t use rust-preventive oil such as clean rooms.
  • Slide units incorporate ball-retaining bands that prevent the loss of balls when removing them from the rails.
  • Both standard and wide versions are available, with slide unit lengths ranging from short to extra-long.
IKO C-Lube Linear way ML

Identification number for IKO C-Lube Linear way ML

The specifications of ML(F) and LWL(F) series are indicated by the identification number. Indicate the identification number, consisting of a model code, dimensions, a part code, a material code, a preload symbol, a classification symbol, an interchangeable code, and any supplemental codes for each specification to apply. For example:

  • Non-interchangeable specification
    • Assembled set: ML C 12 C1 R200 T1 P /U
  • Interchangeable specification
    • Single slide unit: ML C 12 C1 T1 P S1 /U
    • Single track rail: LWL 12 R200 B P S1
    • Assembled set: ML C 12 C1 R100 T1 P S1 /U


  • C-Lube Linear Way ML, Standard type: ML
  • (ML(F) series), Wide type: MLF
  • Linear way L, Standard type: LWL
  • (LWL(F) series), wide type: LWLF

Indicate "LWL…B" or "LWLF…B" for the model code of the single track rail regardless of the series and the combination of slide unit models.

Length of slide unit

  • C: short
  • No symbol: standard
  • G: Long
  • L: Extra Long

Lenthof track rail

R200: indicate the 200 mm length of track rail.


Lithium-soap base grease (MULTEMP PS No.2 [KYODO YUSHI CO., LTD.]) is pre-packed in ML(F) and LWL(F) series. Additionally, ML(F) series has C-Lube placed in the recirculation part of balls, so that the interval for reapplicating lubricant can be extended and maintenance works such as grease job can be reduced significantly.

Dust protection

The slide units of ML(F) series and LWL(F) series are equipped with end seals as standard for dust protection. However, if large amount of contaminant or dust are floating, or if large particles of foreign substances such as chips or sand may adhere to the track rail, it is recommended to attach a protective cover to the linear motion mechanism. No end seal is provided for size 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 series. For applications in the environment not clean enough, cover the entire unit with a protective case, etc. to prevent harmful foreign substances such as dust and particles from outside to enter.

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