INA plain bearing application

INA spherical plain bearings application as locating bearings

Tight fits prevent damage to the adjacent construction. The shaft and bore fits must therefore be selected such that no sliding motion occurs on the shaft or in the housing bore.

When using tight fits, the following must be noted:

  • Interference between the housing and outer ring causes contraction of the outer ring.
  • Interference between the shaft and bearing bore causes expansion of the inner ring.

INA spherical plain bearings application as non-locating bearings

The axial displacement should occur between the shaft and bearing bore:

  • The length/diameter ratio of the guidance is more favourable at this point than on the outer ring of the bearing.
  • The axially split outer ring expands under axial load and can therefore jam in the bearing location.
  • No wear should occur in the housing bore.

The surface of the shaft must be produced so that it is resistant to wear. The surface hardness must be >= 55 HRC. When used as non-locating bearings, spherical plain bearings requiring maintenance should only be lubricated via the shaft. In the case of a non-locating bearing arrangement, the shaft fit g6 is recommended.

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