INA stud type track rollers, ball bearing

INA stud type track rollers have outer rings with a crowned outside surface, heavy-section roller studs and ball and cage assemblies with plastic cages. The stud type track rollers are available with and without an eccentric collar.

For ease of fitting, the roller stud has a thread or a threaded bore. For countertensioning during fitting, there is a slot, hexagonal socket or a flat area on the external thread.

INA track rollers ZL2 are single row units, ZL52, ZLE52 and KR52 are double row units.

INA stud type track rollers

INA stud type track rollers without eccentric collar

INA stud type track rollers without an eccentric collar are suitable for applications where a defined requirement for adjustment in relation to the mating track on the adjacent construction is not required.

INA stud type track rollers with eccentric collar

INA stud type track rollers ZLE52 have an eccentric collar. The eccentric collar can be used to set the outside surface of the outer ring clearance-free against the mating track. This gives optimum geometrical locking between the track roller and mating track. Furthermore, larger manufacturing tolerances can be tolerated in the adjacent construction. In addition, more uniform load distribution is achieved when using more than one stud type track roller.

For countertensioning during fitting, this series has flat areas on both sides of the roller stud.


INA stud type track rollers ZL2 and ZL52 have lip seals on the stud side and the suffix DRS. The opposite side can be sealed using the plastic cover supplied.

INA series KR52 is sealed on both sides by lip seals and has the suffix 2RS.

INA stud type track rollers ZLE52 have sealing shields on both sides and the suffix 2Z.


The stud type track rollers are greased using a lithium soap grease to GA13; ZLE52 can be lubricated via the roller stud.

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D:52mm, d1:20mm, B:30.7mm
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D:62mm, d1:25mm, B:33.8mm
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D:52mm, d1:20mm, B:45.3mm
INA ZL5206-DRS bearing
D:72mm, d1:30mm, B:59mm
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D:35mm, d1:12mm, B:49.2mm
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D:40mm, d1:16mm, B:23.8mm
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D:47mm, d1:18mm, B:26.5mm
INA ZL5201-DRS bearing
D:35mm, d1:14mm, B:33.2mm

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