NSK full-complement cylindrical roller bearing assembly

Assembly examples utilizing NSK full-complement cylindrical roller bearings are shown below. Both NSK bearings have rotating outer rings; and outer ring is fitted into the housing by interference, and the inner ring fitted on the shaft with slight clearance. The inner ring is secured with an end-plate. A lubrication hole is provided on the shaft for grease replenishment using a grease gun.

Recommended fitting and bearing internal clearance

When a crane sheave or wagon wheel is used with an outer ring rotating load, bearing fitting and radial internal clearance are as follows:

Load conditions Tolearance range class of shaft Tolerance range class of housing Recommended internal clearance
Outer ring rotating Heavy load with thin housing g6 or h6 P7 C3
Normal load or heavy load g6 or h6 N7 C3
Light load or fluctuating load g6 or h6 M7 CN

Handing precautions: Be sure to push on the end face of the outer ring when mounting the NSK bearing into a sheave. When mounting the NSK bearing on a shaft, push on the end face of the inner ring.


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