FAG spindle bearings designation

FAG spindle bearings designation
The designations of FAG spindle bearings consist of basic designation with supplementary designations. The designations for FAG spindle bearings is shown on the above diagram.

Prefixes - types

  • B: Standard steel balls.
  • HCB: Hybrid standard, Ceramic balls
  • RS: High speed bearing, Steel balls
  • HCRS: High speed bearing, Ceramic balls
  • HS: Bearing with small balls, Steel balls
  • HSS: Bearing with small balls, Steel balls, Sealed
  • HC: Bearing with small balls, Ceramic balls
  • HCS: Bearing with small balls, Ceramic balls, Sealed
  • XC: Cronidur, bearing with small balls, Ceramic balls
  • XCS: Cronidur, bearing with small balls, Ceramic balls, Sealed

Basic designations

FAG basic designation consiste of dimension series and bore code. Please refer to FAG bearing designation.

Dimension series

  • 719: Light series
  • 70: Medium series
  • 72: Heavy series

Bore code

  • 00: 10mm
  • 01: 12mm
  • 02: 15mm
  • 03: 17mm
  • 04: 4*5 = 20 mm
  • 05: 5*5 = 25 mm
  • ......


Contact angle

  • C: 15°
  • D: 20°
  • E: 25°

Direct Lube or Sealing

  • DLR: Direct lubrication, annular slots with O rings
  • 2RSD: Sealed on both sides and greased


  • T: Laminated fabric, guidance on outer ring


  • P4S: FAG standard, better than P4 to DIN 620
  • P4S-K5: Restricted diameter tolerance compared to P4S

Bearing arrangement

  • U: Single bearing, arrangement in any combination
  • DU: 2 bearing set, universal bearings
  • TU: 3 bearing set, universal bearings
  • QU: 4 bearing set, universal bearings
  • PU: 5 bearing set, universal bearings


  • L: Light
  • M: Medium
  • H: Heavy


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