IKO PILLOBALLs rod ends accuracy and fits

The accuracy of IKO PILLOBALLs rod ends is shown in Tables as bellow. The maximum radial internal clearance of the insert type is 0.035 mm.

Type Dimension Dimension symbol Tolerance
PB Bore dia. of inner ring d H7
Outside dia. of outer ring D h6
Width of inner ring B 0
Width of outer ring C +- 0.1
Bore dia. of inner ring d H7
Width of inner ring B 0
Bore dia. of inner ring d + 0.038
- 0.013
Width of inner ring B1 0
PHSA Bore dia. of inner ring d +0.063
Width of inner ring B see table below
Tolerance of width B of inner ring of PHSA type
Nominal bore dia. of inner ring
Δ Bs
Deviation of a single inner ring width
Over Incl. High Low
- 14 0 -0.2
14 20 0 -0.3
20 22 0 -0.4

Recommended fit for IKO PILLOBALLs rod ends are show in table below.

Recommended fits
Condition Tolerance class
Shaft Housing bore
Normal operation h7 H7
Directionally indeterminate loading n6, p6 N7

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