INA plain bearing selection by material suitability

The various INA plain bearing types are available in different material combinations, see table. The suitable material will depend on the required performance capability and the environmental influences.

Based on the specific material combinations, bearing solutions can be achieved that are maintenance-free, low-maintenance or that require maintenance, see table.

Combinations of INA plain bearing type and material

INA plain bearing type and material
1) Other combinations are available by agreement

INA plain bearing type of maintenance of materials

Type of maintenance Sliding layer
Sliding contact surface
Maintenance-free E40
(metal/polymer composite)
(filament reinforced wound material)
(PTFE fabric)
PTFE composite
(metal/polymer composite)
PTFE film
(PTFE/metal fabric)
Low-maintenance E50
(metal/polymer composite)
Requiring maintenance Steel/steel

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