INA thread guidance rollers bearings for textile bearings

INA thread guidance rollers have an outside surface with hard chromium plating. They run extremely easily and are therefore used in spooling, twisting and texturing machines.

The maximum permissible speed is as follows:

  • 22500 min–1 for the thread guidance roller F-578204
  • 22500 min–1 for the thread guidance roller F-559127.01

Thread guidance rollers F-578204, and 559127.01, must be relubricated after operating for 4000 h.

A conventional syringe is used to press in 0,2 ml of oil to DIN 51502 through the depression in the sealing washer.

In order to ensure uniform distribution of the lubricant into the front and rear rows of balls, the thread guidance roller should be placed in a vertical position for approx. 30 minutes. The pin must face downwards.

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