SKF explorer angular contact ball bearings

SKF explorer angular contact ball bearings designed to run faster, cooler, smoother, longer

SKF explorer angular contact ball bearings
Screw compressors, pumps and gearboxes require bearing arrangements that will provide long service life even under difficult operating conditions.

In these types of applications, where there are frequent rapid starts and stops and contaminated or inadequate lubrication conditions, SKF Explorer angular contact ball bearings can exceed performance and service life requirements of non Explorer bearings.
Improve performance and increase service life.

SKF Explorer angular contact ball bearings are characterized by:

  • high load carrying capacity
  • 40 degree contact angle
  • six clearance/preload classes
  • high degree of stiffness
  • high speed capability
  • low heat generation
  • low noise and vibration levels
  • P5 running accuracy
  • Extremely clean steel
  • Unique heat treatment
  • Single row angular contact ball bearings only

SKF Explorer angular contact ball bearings combine material and design innovationsthat can increase bearing service life up to 300% while delivering a number of other performance benefits.

SKF Explorer features and benefits

Unique raceway-shoulder transition

The ground transition between the raceway and shoulder reduces contact and edge stresses, which makes the bearing less sensitive to axial overloading.

Superior cage designs

Through a process of continuous improvement, all SKF Explorer angular contact ball bearing cages have been re-engineered to promote the formation of a lubricant film and reduce heat, vibration and noise levels generated by the bearing. The polyamide and PEEK(polyetheretherketone) cages were also upgraded to better withstand the inertial forces caused by frequent high-speed starts and stops.

High quality steel and unique heat treatment

Manufactured from extremely clean steel and using a unique heat treatment process, SKF Explorer angular contact ball bearings offer maximum hardness for optimum wear-resistance and dimensional stability up to +150 °C (+300 °F). This keeps the predefined clearance or preload constant over time to significantly extend bearing service life.

Improved running accuracy

The high-quality balls, combined with advanced manufacturing techniques used on SKF Explorer angular contact ball bearings, improves running accuracy. These improvements also reduce heat, vibration and noise levels generated by the bearing.

Special features and benefits

Single-row, universally matchable bearings

SKF Explorer bearing universally matchable bearings have a stand-out tolerance as narrow as + 3 μm. They are specifically manufactured so that when mounted in random order, but immediately adjacent to each other, a given internal clearance or preload and/or an even load distribution is obtained without the use of shims or similar devices.

Double row angular contact ball bearings : improved cages and shields

The SKF Explorer crown cage provides excel- lent ball guidance while promoting the formation of a lubricant film. Increased stiffness prevents cage failures or ejection at higher speeds. The improved shield design provides better grease retention while reducing the ingress of contaminants, especially in vertical shaft applications.

Four-point contact ball bearings : improved ring marking

All rings are marked with a unique serial number to avoid the mix-up of components. An asterisk marking on one of the outer ring side faces and one of the inner ring halves enables mounting the bearing in the same position as originally manufactured, to maximize accuracy. Laser markings ensure readability and traceability for many years.

Four-point contact ball bearings: unique inner ring shoulder

The inner ring has specially-designed recessed shoulders to improve the oil flow into the bearing, which can influence cooling and reduce operating temperatures significantly. The optimized inner ring cross section improves stress distribution and minimizes ring deformation after mounting, as the clamping force is only applied in defined areas.


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