SKF hybrid bearings

SKF hybrid bearings have rings made of bearing steel and rolling elements made of bearing grade silicon nitride (Si3N4), which make the bearings electrically insulating.

Silicon nitride rolling elements can extend bearing service life by offering enhanced bearing performance, even under difficult operating conditions.

SKF hybrid bearings

How to select SKF hybrid bearing size

Selecting the size of a hybrid bearing can be done following the principles described in the Selecting SKF bearing size.

The load ratings C and C0 for hybrid bearings have been revised in accordance with ISO 20056-1 and ISO 20056-2. The rating life value for the same bearing and same operating conditions may differ from the value calculated using the previously published load ratings.

When selecting a bearing size based on the rating life, use the following quick two-step process for the best results:

  1. Pre-select a suitable bearing size based on the basic rating life.
  2. Verify the selection based on the SKF Generalized Bearing Life Model (GBLM)


Refer to SKF bearing designation (nomenclature)

Additional designation suffixes used with SKF hybrid bearings are explained in the following.

  • C3P: Displaced clearance range comprising the upper half of the C3 plus the lower half of the C4 clearance range
  • F1: Grease fill 10–15% of the free space in the bearing
  • HC5: Rolling elements made of silicon nitride
  • S0: Bearing rings heat stabilized for operating temperatures ≤ 150 °C (300 °F)
  • VA970: Special design deep groove ball bearing for wind turbine generators
  • VC444: Bearing rings made of high nitrogen steel

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