SKF sintered bronze bushings

SKF sintered bronze bushings are self-lubricating and maintenance-free. These bushings have a porous bronze matrix impregnated with lubricant. The permissible sliding velocity for sintered bronze bushings is very high, making them suitable for rotating applications. SKF offers a wide range of both straight and flanged sintered bronze bushings. Advantages of these bushings include:

  • very high sliding velocity 
  • lubrication-free 
  • maintenance-free operation 
  • good frictional properties

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free; oil impregnation enables very high sliding velocity and makes them suitable for rotating applications; available in metric sizes as straight or flanged bushings.

SKF sintered bronze bushings are most suitable for applications with rotating movements and where self-lubricating properties of the material are a prerequisite. Application area examples for these bushings are: 

  • electrical equipment 
  • household equipment 
  • printing machinery 
  • machine tools

SKF sintered bronze bushings material

SKF sintered bronze bushings consist of a sintered metallic bronze and graphite matrix (1% weight of graphite) with fully impregnated porosity. The material composition of SKF sintered bronze bushings is SINT A51 with a porosity volume of 28%, impregnated with mineral oil. Machining or grinding of the sliding surface of a porous sintered bushing is not recommended due to the risk of closing the bushing pores.

SKF sintered bronze bushings lubrication

When storing or mounting, the bushing should never come in contact with absorbent material as it may wick the oil away very quickly. Therefore, SKF recommends keeping the bushing in it’s original package until just prior to mounting.

Additional lubrication is usually not necessary.

SKF sintered bronze bushings
SKF sintered bronze bushings, which are impregnated with a lubricant, are available both as straight and flanged bushings.
Designation: PSM, PSMF

Permissible load (dyn/stat), N/mm2: 10 / 20
Permissible sliding velocity, m/s: 0,25 .. 5
Friction coefficient m (greased): 0,05 .. 0,10
Temperature range, °C: –10 .. +90

Application recommendations
Shaft tolerance: f7 – f8
Housing tolerance: H7
Shaft roughness Ra, mm: 0,2 .. 0,8
Shaft hardness, HB: 200 – 300

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