TIMKEN flange tapered roller bearings TSF type

TIMKEN flange tapered roller bearings (TSF type) is a variation on the basic single-row bearing. TSF bearings have a flanged outer ring to facilitate axial location and accurately aligned seats in a through-bored housing.

Size range

ID 7.937 mm to 1270.000 mm (0.3125 in. to 50.0000 in.)
OD 31.991 mm to 1435.100 mm (1.2595 in. to 56.5000 in.)


  • Machine tool spindles
  • Gear reduction units
  • Automotive transaxles
  • Transmissions
TIMKEN Flange Tapered Roller Bearings

TIMKEN flange bearings design attributes

  • Type TSF is a single-row bearing with a flange on the outer ring.
  • The flange is used for axial location in a housing.
  • Through-boring of the housing results in accurately aligned seats.
  • The flange is not normally clamped in position.
  • Flanged outer rings can be used with any single inner ring from the same series.
  • The most commonly specified inner ring part numbers are shown in the tables provided.

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7.938mm x 31.991mm x 4.458mm
TIMKEN A4050-A4138-B bearings
12.700mm x 34.989mm x 4.630mm
TIMKEN A4059-A4138-B bearings
14.989mm x 34.989mm x 4.630mm
TIMKEN A6062-A6157-B bearings
15.875mm x 39.992mm x 4.851mm
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15.875mm x 42.863mm x 6.350mm
TIMKEN 05062-05185-B bearings
15.875mm x 47.000mm x 6.038mm
TIMKEN 09062-09195AB bearings
15.875mm x 49.225mm x 8.809mm
TIMKEN A6067-A6157-B bearings
16.993mm x 39.992mm x 4.851mm

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