TIMKEN tapered roller bearings types

TIMKEN single row tapered roller bearings

TS type tapered roller bearings, Single row

TS type tapered roller bearings
This TIMKEN bearing is the basic and the most widely used type of tapered roller bearing. It consists of the inner-ring assembly and the outer ring. It is usually fitted as one of an opposing pair. During equipment assembly, single-row bearings can be “set” to the required clearance (endplay) or preload condition to optimize performance.

TSF type tapered roller bearings, Single row, with flanged outer ring

TSF type tapered roller bearings
The TSF type TIMKEN type tapered roller bearing is a variation on the basic single-row bearing. TSF bearings have a flanged outer ring to facilitate axial location and accurately aligned seats in a through-bored housing.

TIMKEN double row tapered roller bearings

TDO type tapered roller bearings, double outer ring

TDO type tapered roller bearings
This has a one-piece (double) outer ring and two single inner rings. It is usually supplied complete with an inner-ring spacer as a pre-set assembly. This configuration gives a wide effective bearing spread and is frequently chosen for applications where overturning moments are a significant load component. TDO bearings can be used in fixed (locating) positions or allowed to float in the housing bore, for example, to compensate for shaft expansion. TDOCD outer rings also are available in most sizes. These outer rings have holes in the O.D. that permit the use of pins to prevent outer ring rotation in the housing.

TDI type - Double inner ring; TDIT - Double inner ring with tapered bore

TDI and TDIT type tapered roller bearings
Both comprise a one-piece (double) inner ring and two single outer rings. They are usually supplied complete with an outerring spacer as a pre-set assembly. TDI and TDIT bearings can be used at fixed (locating) positions on rotating shaft applications. For rotating housing applications, the double inner ring of type TDI can be used to float on the stationary shaft. Type TDIT has a tapered bore to facilitate removal when an interference fit is essential, yet regular removal is required.

TNA - Non-adjustable; TNASW - Non-adjustable with lubricant slots; TNASWE - Non-adjustable with lubricant slotsand extended back face rib

TNA, TNASW, TNASWE type tapered roller bearings
These three bearing types are similar to the TDO with a one-piece (double) outer ring and two single inner rings. The inner-ring front faces are extended so they abut, eliminating the need for a separate inner-ring spacer. Supplied with a built-in clearance to give a standard setting range, these bearings provide a solution for many fixed or floating bearing applications where optimum simplicity of assembly is required.

Types TNASW and TNASWE are variations having chamfers and slots on the front face of the inner ring to provide lubrication through the shaft. Type TNASWE have extended back face ribs on the inner rings which are ground on the O.D. to allow for the use of a seal or stamped closure. These designs are typically used on stationary shaft applications.


Any two single-row bearings (type TS) can be supplied as a double-row, pre-set, ready-to-fit assembly by the addition of spacers, machined to pre-determined dimensions and tolerances.

Spacer assemblies are provided in two types: "2S" and "SR". This concept can be applied to produce custom-made double-row bearings to suit specific applications. In addition to providing a bearing that automatically gives a pre-determined setting at assembly without the need for a manual setting, it is possible to modify the assembly width to suit an application, simply by varying the spacer widths.

2S- Two single-row assembly

2S- Two single-row assembly
Often referred to as snap-ring assemblies, type 2S consist of two basic single-row bearings (type TS). They are supplied complete with inner-ring and outer-ring spacers to give a predetermined bearing setting when assembled. Type 2S have a specified setting range to suit the duty of the application. They have an inner-ring spacer and a snap-ring, which also serves as the outer-ring spacer, to give axial location in a through-bored housing.

SR - Set-RightTM assembly

TIMKEN type SR set-right assembly
Type SR are made to a standard setting range, based on Timken’s Set-Right™ automated setting technique suitable for most industrial applications. They have two spacers and an optional snap-ring that may be used for axial location. Because both types are made up of popular sizes of single-row bearings, they provide a low-cost option for many applications.

There are two basic mounting arrangements for spacer assemblies.

  • Type 2TS-IM (indirect mounting)
    These consist of two single-row bearings with an inner-ring and outer-ring spacer. In some applications, the outer-ring spacer is replaced by a shoulder in the bearing housing.
  • Type 2TS-DM (direct mounting)
    These consist of two single-row bearings, with inner rings abutting and an outer-ring spacer. They are generally used at fixed (locating) positions on rotating shaft applications.


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