INA thin section ball bearings

INA thin section ball bearings are high-precision products with very little running noise and a high load-carrying capacity. These INA bearings are available in three different designs with extremely small, predominantly square cross-sections. Within each series, the cross-section remains constant even in the case of larger shaft and housing bore diameters. The INA ball bearings are therefore also described as constant section (CS) bearings. This feature distinguishes thin section bearings from the conventional bearings that are described in standardized ISO series.

In this way, a larger cross-section can be selected in a graduated manner and, thus, a bearing with high load-carrying capacity can be used without the need to increase the shaft diameter. Thin-section bearings can be used to achieve extremely light and compact designs.

INA thin section ball bearings are available as deep groove ball bearings, four-point contact bearings and as angular contact ball bearings. Each of these designs is available in various series. The series correspond to the cross-section sizes. The balls are matched to the series.

INA thin section ball bearings

Related numbers

INA CSCD090 bearings
228.6mm x 254mm x 12.7mm
INA CSCU100-2RS bearings
254mm x 273.05mm x 12.7mm
INA CSCU090-2RS bearings
228.6mm x 247.65mm x 12.7mm
INA CSCU080-2RS bearings
203.2mm x 222.25mm x 12.7mm
INA CSCU075-2RS bearings
190.5mm x 209.55mm x 12.7mm
INA CSCU070-2RS bearings
177.8mm x 196.85mm x 12.7mm
INA CSCU065-2RS bearings
165.1mm x 184.15mm x 12.7mm
INA CSCU060-2RS bearings
152.4mm x 171.45mm x 12.7mm

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