Kaydon deep groove thin section ball bearings

The Type C Radial Contact Kaydon thin section bearing is a single row radial ball bearing of conventional design. It is a Conrad-type assembly, which means that it is assembled by eccentric displacement of the inner race within the outer race which permits insertion of about half of a full complement of balls.

Although the Type C deep thin section bearing is designed primarily for radial load application, it can be configured to accept some axial (thrust) load in either direction. But, if thrust is a concern, a set of angular contact bearings should be considered for the specific application.

Kaydon deep groove thin section ball bearings

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KAYDON KA020AR0 bearings
2.000" x 2.500" x 0.25"
KAYDON KA025AR0 bearings
2.500" x 3.000" x 0.25"
KAYDON KC055CP0 bearings
5.500" x 6.250" x 0.375"
KAYDON KC060XP0 bearings
6.000" x 6.750" x 0.375"
KAYDON KD065CP0 bearings
6.500" x 7.500" x 0.5"
KAYDON KD055XP0 bearings
5.500" x 6.500" x 0.5"
KAYDON KD070XP0 bearings
7.000" x 8.000" x 0.5"
KAYDON KD120XP0 bearings
12.000" x 13.000" x 0.5"

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