KAYDON bearing size chart

KAYDON bearing size chart, You can find the KAYDON products you need by designation or dimensions.

Kaydon thin section bearing solutions save weight, create space, reduce friction, increase design flexibility, and provide excellent running accuracy.

Kaydon slewing ring bearings offer a wide variety of solutions for the most demanding specifications in a variety of applications.

Bearing Number Brand Principal Dimensions Type
JB020CP0KAYDON2.000" x 2.625" x 0.3125"ball bearings
KF100XP0KAYDON10.000" x 11.500" x 0.75"ball bearings
KG200AR0KAYDON20.000" x 22.000" x 1"ball bearings
KF300XP0KAYDON30.000" x 31.500" x 0.75"ball bearings
KA060XP0KAYDON6.000" x 6.500" x 0.25"ball bearings
KF120CP0KAYDON12.000" x 13.500" x 0.75"ball bearings
KA100CP0KAYDON10.000" x 10.500" x 0.25"ball bearings
KG100CP0KAYDON10.000" x 12.000" x 1"ball bearings
KG075CP0KAYDON7.500" x 9.500" x 1"ball bearings
KF100CP0KAYDON10.000" x 11.500" x 0.75"ball bearings
KF090AR0KAYDON9.000" x 10.500" x 0.75"ball bearings
KF080XP0KAYDON8.000" x 9.500" x 0.75"ball bearings
KF080AR0KAYDON8.000" x 9.500" x 0.75"ball bearings
KF060XP0KAYDON6.000" x 7.500" x 0.75"ball bearings
KF060CP0KAYDON6.000" x 7.500" x 0.75"ball bearings
KF047AR0KAYDON4.750" x 6.250" x 0.75"ball bearings
KF045CP0KAYDON4.500" x 6.000" x 0.75"ball bearings
KF042XP0KAYDON4.250" x 5.750" x 0.75"ball bearings
KD110XP0KAYDON11.000" x 12.000" x 0.5"ball bearings
KD080AR0KAYDON8.000" x 9.000" x 0.5"ball bearings
KD065XP0KAYDON6.500" x 7.500" x 0.5"ball bearings
KD060XP0KAYDON6.000" x 7.000" x 0.5"ball bearings
KD060AR0KAYDON6.000" x 7.000" x 0.5"ball bearings
KD055AR0KAYDON5.500" x 6.500" x 0.5"ball bearings
KD045AR0KAYDON4.500" x 5.500" x 0.5"ball bearings
KD040CP0KAYDON4.000" x 5.000" x 0.5"ball bearings
KD040AR0KAYDON4.000" x 5.000" x 0.5"ball bearings
KC100CP0KAYDON10.000" x 10.750" x 0.375"ball bearings
KC080XP0KAYDON8.000" x 8.750" x 0.375"ball bearings
KC070CP0KAYDON7.000" x 7.750" x 0.375"ball bearings
KC060AR0KAYDON6.000" x 6.750" x 0.375"ball bearings
KC050AR0KAYDON5.000" x 5.750" x 0.375"ball bearings
KC047XP0KAYDON4.750" x 5.500" x 0.375"ball bearings
KC045XP0KAYDON4.500" x 5.250" x 0.375"ball bearings
KA120XP0KAYDON12.000" x 12.500" x 0.25"ball bearings
KA120CP0KAYDON12.000" x 12.500" x 0.25"ball bearings
KA050CP0KAYDON5.000" x 5.500" x 0.25"ball bearings
KA040XP0KAYDON4.000" x 4.500" x 0.25"ball bearings