Load Rating for IKO CRWU, CRWUG crossed roller way units

Indicate values for down direction for load rating of IKO CRWUG and CRWU series.

In addition, the upward and lateral load rating is the same as downward load rating.

Load rating

Allowable load

Allowable load refers to load of smooth rolling motion on contact surface to which maximum contact stress is applied and the sum of whose elastic deformation of rolling elements and raceway is small.

Therefore, use applied load within the allowable load range if very smooth rolling motion and high accuracy are required.

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IKO CRWU30-35 cross roller ways
Width:30mm, Way Length:35mm, High:17
IKO CRWU40-50 cross roller ways
Width:40mm, Way Length:50mm, High:21
IKO CRWU40-65 cross roller ways
Width:40mm, Way Length:65mm, High:21
IKO CRWU40-80 cross roller ways
Width:40mm, Way Length:80mm, High:21
IKO CRWU40-95 cross roller ways
Width:40mm, Way Length:95mm, High:21
IKO CRWU60-130 cross roller ways
Width:60mm, Way Length:130mm, High:28
IKO CRWU100-160 cross roller ways
Width:100mm, Way Length:160mm, High:45
IKO CRWU60-155R cross roller way
Width:60mm, Way Length:155mm, High:18.5