IKO crossed roller way guide identification number

The specification of IKO crossed roller way units CRWUG and CRWU series is indicated by the identification number. Indicate the identification number, consisting of a model code, dimensions for each specification to apply.

For example: CRWU 30-35

CRWU Model code
30 Width
35 Length

1, Model code

  • Anti-Creep Cage Crossed Roller Way Unit (CRWUG series)
  • Crossed Roller Way Unit (CRWU series)

2, Width: 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 145 (Indicate the table width in mm.)

3, Length: Indicate the table length in mm.

Series Shape Model Characteristics
CRWUG IKO CRWUG crossed roller way units CRWUG A unit with cage creep proof function that realizes complete compatibility with CRWU in mounting dimensions. As external dimensions are the same, this can replace machine or device using CRWU without changing mounting dimensions, as well as new applications.
CRWU IKO CRWU crossed roller way units CRWU An ordinary type unit to be fixed to machine or device with bolts as it is, thanks to table and bed mounted to high accuracy.
IKO CRWU...R crossed roller way units CRWU...R Low height unit without CRWU bed. Linear motion with stable accuracy and high rigidity can be achieved for load in every direction.
IKO CRWU...RS crossed roller way units CRWU...RS A compact and light unit of very simple structure. This may be used as a highaccuracy unit with small motion inertia by moving the center way.

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IKO CRWU30-35 cross roller ways
Width:30mm, Way Length:35mm, High:17
IKO CRWU40-50 cross roller ways
Width:40mm, Way Length:50mm, High:21
IKO CRWU40-65 cross roller ways
Width:40mm, Way Length:65mm, High:21
IKO CRWU40-80 cross roller ways
Width:40mm, Way Length:80mm, High:21
IKO CRWU40-95 cross roller ways
Width:40mm, Way Length:95mm, High:21
IKO CRWU60-130 cross roller ways
Width:60mm, Way Length:130mm, High:28
IKO CRWU100-160 cross roller ways
Width:100mm, Way Length:160mm, High:45
IKO CRWU60-155R cross roller way
Width:60mm, Way Length:155mm, High:18.5