INA linear recirculating roller bearing and guideway assembl

INA full complement linear recirculating roller bearing and guideway assemblies are the heavy duty designs in the range of INA monorail guidance systems.

They are used wherever linear guidance systems must support extremely heavy loads, where particularly high rigidity is required and where very precise travel is also necessary.

These preloaded units for long, unlimited stroke lengths are particularly suitable for use in machine tools.

A guidance system comprises at least one carriage, one guideway, one dummy guideway, plastic closing plugs and one mounting set per carriage.

INA linear recirculating roller bearing

INA linear recirculating roller bearing catelog


RUE..-E, RUE..-E-L




Since they have the maximum possible number of rolling elements, full complement guidance systems have extremely high load carrying capacity and particularly high rigidity.

The carriages have saddle plates made from hardened steel and the rolling element raceways are precision ground. The cylindrical rollers are recirculated in enclosed channels with plastic return elements.


INA linear roller bearings guideways

The guideways are made from hardened steel and are ground on all faces, the rolling element raceways are precision ground.

Location from above or below
Guideways TSX..-E (-ADB, -ADK) and TSX25-D (-ADB, -ADK) are located from above and have through holes with counterbores for the fixing screws. Guideways TSX..-E-U and TSX25-D-U are located from below and have threaded blind holes.

Slot for covering strip
Guideways TSX..-E-ADB and TSX25-D-ADB have a slot for the adhesive bonded steel covering strip ADB, while guideways TSX..-E-ADK and TSX25-D-ADK have a slot with undercut for the clip fit steel covering strip ADK.

Multi-piece guideways
If the required guideway length lmax is greater than the value in the dimension tables, the guideways are supplied in several segments.

Standard accessories

Standard accessories

The scope of delivery includes various accessory parts as standard.

The dummy guideway prevents damage to the rolling element set and prevents the rolling elements from falling out while the carriage is separated from the guideway.

Carriages are always pushed directly from the guideway onto the dummy guideway and must remain there until they are remounted.

Plastic closing plugs
The closing plugs close off the counterbores of the guideway holes flush with the surface of the guideway.
Optionally, two-piece plastic plugs and closing plugs made from brass or steel are also available.

INA linear recirculating roller bearings' technical information

Load carrying capacity

The cylindrical rollers are in an X arrangement on the raceways. The units can support loads from all directions, except in the direction of motion, and moments about all axes.

Acceleration and velocity

INA Linear recirculating roller bearing and guideway assemblies RUE..-E permit accelerations up to 100 m/s2 and velocities up to 4 m/s,


up to

Travel velocity
up to
RUE25-E 100 3
RUE35-E 100 4
RUE45-E 100 3.5
RUE55-E 100 3
RUE65-E 50 2.5
RUE100-E 5 1.5


The interchangeability of carriages and guideways is dependent on the accuracy class and the size, see table below. Interchangeability as required is valid only for the accuracy classes G2 and G3. When ordering individual components in the accuracy classes G0 and G1 the following postscript must be added to the order: “Interchangeable as required”.

Designation Carriage
RUE25-E as required as required
RUE35-E as required as required
RUE45-E as required as required
RUE55-E as required as required
RUE65-E restricted restricted
RUE100-E restricted restricted


The end pieces of the carriages are fitted on both sides with non-contact, corrosion-resistant end plates and elastic end wipers that retain the lubricant in the system.

Standard sealing strips ensure reliable sealing and protect the rolling element system against contamination, even in critical environmental conditions.


INA linear recirculating roller bearing and guideway assemblies are available in five designs.

Design Description
- Standard carriage
H High carriage
HL High, long carriage
L Long carriage
SL Narrow, long carriage

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