Kaydon XR series cross roller bearings

Kaydon XR series cross roller bearings provide a wide variety of solutions, including a high degree of stiffness and low rotational torque within a minimal envelope. XR series bearings are ideal when a four-point contact ball bearing does not meet operating performance requirements for torque and stiffness.

The internal configuration consists of cylindrical rollers in a v-shaped groove in each ring. The rollers are oriented with alternating axes of rotation. Positioned in this manner, the bearing accepts all combinations of radial, thrust, and moment loads. Rotational torque is less than a four-point contact ball design because each roller only transmits load in a single direction, and the greater contact area and geometry of a roller versus a ball provides a higher degree of stiffness and rigidity.

Kaydon XR series cross roller bearings
Kaydon XR series cross roller bearings

A roller of approximately the same size as a ball has greater load-carrying ability. However, because not all the rollers are oriented in one direction, their thrust and moment load capacity is less than that of a four-point ball bearing.

Gear teeth or other drive mechanisms can be provided on the inner or outer support ring, and your choice of hole pattern can be added for bearing retention.

XR series Kaydon slewing bearing solutions have been used successfully in applications requiring extra stiffness with a low torque requirement including:

  • Radar
  • Military turrets
  • Machine tools
  • Tunnel boring machines

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